Chronic Pain Conditions

Chronic pain is medically defined as a physical pain, lasting longer than three months and the pain can take both a physical and emotional toll on the body. Some of the common chronic pain conditions are:

  • Low back pain – Most commonly mechanical issues and soft tissue injuries are the cause of low back pain.
  • Fibromyalgia – A chronic widespread pain in the muscles and connective tissues and a heightened painful response to pressure.
  • Arthritis – There are more than one hundred different types of arthritis, ranging from the very common to the extremely rare. Many of these conditions share similar arthritic symptoms such as joint pain, inflammation and stiffness, however each one also has unique specific symptoms that determine the particular type of arthritis.

Pain Management

The aim of my pain management programme is to help you to reduce the impact of pain on your day to day living and increase the quality of your life. Managing chronic pain is not easy and indeed can be very difficult. Effective management necessitates having an individualised lifestyle plan to suit you, a personalised care plan, based on your specific condition, pain levels and needs. Medication may be part of this, but it is only “one brick in the wall”, so to speak. In my one to one pain management programme, I support and encourage you to explore a range of psychological, emotional, physical and practical lifestyle interventions, that blend together to improve your health, well-being and ability to cope with and manage your condition. If you would like to reduce the impact of pain on your life please contact me directly to discuss or to arrange an assessment.