What is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR ?

Mindfulness based stress reduction is a standardized protocol of mind-body therapies that involves mindfulness, meditation, education and group support. MBSR is strongly influenced by Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy and provides practical skills and techniques for anyone well or ill, who seeks a greater level of well-being and health.

Meditation and Mindfulness are of Eastern origin but were further developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn into a mindfulness-based stress reduction programme used worldwide. MBSR as the name implies, incorporates mindfulness meditation as a central component and has become increasingly popular as a way to promote improved health and healing in our lives.

What is the effectiveness of MBSR?

MBSR practiced regularly, essentially quietens and relaxes the mind and body and gradually increases our resilience and ability to be more present in our lives. MBSR teaches us to live life more in awareness of the moment rather than being caught up in negative thinking of our past or worrying about our future. MBSR shows you how to use mindfulness to cope with a wide range of problems, including medical symptoms, emotional and physical pain, anxiety, panic and depression, time pressures, relationships, work issues and events in our world.

How many classes/sessions of MBSR are recommended?

Ideally MBSR should become part of your lifestyle like exercise, eating healthily or getting enough sleep, so there really isn’t a specific amount or limit of sessions to be recommended. I facilitate ongoing monthly MBSR groups in Waterford and Dungarvan and new members are always welcome. I also offer tailor-made workshops for community and or corporate groups on request. Please contact me directly to enquire about classes and the various group options available or if you would prefer, one to one sessions can be arranged.